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Officials confiscate Chinese meat imports

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ikram Putra
The Jakarta Post/Jakarta

At least 58 canned meat products imported from China were confiscated Wednesday by health officials who suspected they contained the bacteria that causes foot and mouth disease in livestock.

The discovery was made in a supermarket in Menteng, Central Jakarta, as part of a government initiative to monitor the safety of food products packed in gift parcels for the Idul Fitri holiday.

Head of the Central Jakarta health office, Evi Zelfino, said the Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency laboratory was still examining the imported canned meat.

"We suspect it is an unhealthy product because all of the cans have exactly the same trade registration number but with different producer names," Evi was quoted as saying by Antara.

She said she had asked the supermarket manager to reregister the imported canned meat products to the food monitoring agency.

The municipality's trade office also searched retail markets and supermarkets for expired food products.

"We have two operations ... the open one involves uniformed officials, while the closed one is being conducted by undercover officials to maintain secrecy," Central Jakarta trade office head Sukirno said Wednesday.

Meanwhile in Depok, south of Jakarta, officials from the Depok Agriculture Agency found five needles and one jerrican containing formaldehyde, believed to have been used by traders at Kemiri market to preserve chicken meat.

Official Tubagus Ismail said the agency did not have the authority to punish traders who were using the preservative, as it was beyond its jurisdiction.

"We were only able to seize the needles and formaldehyde and warn the traders not to use the chemical again," he said Wednesday.

Chicken traders at the traditional market, located behind Depok Mall, have long been suspected of using formaldehyde to preserve chicken meat. They have also been suspected of injecting water into chicken carcasses to make them weigh more.

The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency has banned the use of formaldehyde, widely used to preserve dead bodies, in food products but still tolerates the use of formaldehyde – in small doses – in toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

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Considering what Catalan independence would mean for Spanish soccer
Considering what Catalan independence would mean for Spanishsoccer
Richard Farley
Sep 26, 2012, 2:58 PM EDT
As amazing as Barcelona s play has been on the field, something more remarkable is happening off. As Andy Mitten describes in Eurosport s Pitchside Report, the Catalonia independence movement may be reaching heights unseen in our lifetimes, and that movement is coalescing around FC Barcelona.
Here s Mitten describing the scene last Wednesday after Lionel Messi scored the winner against Spartak Moscow:
That s when most of the Camp Nou crowd started singing for Catalan independence from Spain. I ve watched over 200 Barca games at Camp Nou and have never witnessed anything like it. Fringe groups have sung songs or hung a 20-metre Catalonia is not Spain flag from the second tier during Barca s very biggest games, but they have long been the actions of minorities hoping for mainstream coverage.
Last Wednesday was different and in keeping with the current mood in Catalonia, where between 700,000 and 1.5 million people took part in a pro-independence rally on September 11 depending on which estimates you believe. In 11 years spending more time in Barcelona than any other city, I ve never seen so many people on the streets.
According to Mitten, Spain s economic crisis is feeding the pro-independence streak, with Barcelona s matches at the Nou Camp allowing Catalan s to gather in mass. Even when an Argentine scores, it s natural (perhaps, national) that pro-Catalonia sentiment comes out.
The post goes on to ask a very interesting question as it concerns our soccer: What would happen to the Spanish league if Barcelona were no longer Spanish? In all likelihood, they would be allowed to compete just as they are now, becoming one of a handful of European teams that are allowed to cross-borders. Although Mitten brings up the North Atlantic league and Old Firm-to-England scenarios as cross-border examples met with wariness, Canadian teams playing in a U.S.-based league affirm the idea that practical concerns based on a region s culture and history will always get FIFA s consideration.
But let s go further down the rabbit hole. Let s say Barcelona wants to play in a Catalan league. Or Spain doesn t want them. Or FIFA doesn t allow the cross over. What would the Iberian soccer world look like?
The Catalan league would be Barcelona and everybody else. Espanyol would be guaranteed second place until the two big teams regress to the level of rest Catalonia s clubs (the best of which are playing at the second and third-tier of Spanish soccer).
And those teams would regress. The league wouldn t be an attractive destination for star talent. Television revenue would decline. There d be fewer spots in European competition.
Clasicos would be hard to come by. The Bara-Real rivalry would wither.
The Spanish league would take a huge, perhaps irreparable hit, not being able to market itself around Real Madrid and Barcelona.
And competitively, the top of Spain s first division would only be slightly more compelling than Catalonia s, though that would change in time.
Our European soccer experience would change for the worse if Barcelona leftLa Liga.Not that [url=]jordans for cheap[/url] it would actually happen. Catalonia would first have to get independence then start its own soccer league then convince Barcelona to jump from Spain s.
So while that rabbit hole was fun, it s not a place we ll be visiting again any time soon.

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