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I like watching the Twilight saga

Friday, August 13, 2010

I like watching the Twilight saga. (I know, sue me)

I'm not a professional movie critic but I think they are good movies; especially in showing how stupid people can be when they are in love :p

When you're in love, life is supposed to feel simpler, more bearable. You know, the sky is bluer, the grass greener, and all those craps are coming true. But that's not the frequent case.

Because you cannot fall in love without immediately become stupid.

Once you're in love and stupid, here's what happens:

Your life becomes more complicated, so damn complicated, you forget how simple it used to be.

Take Bella for example. She's in love with a vampire (not to mention a very old one). Instead of running away for the sake of her life, she asks Edward to turn her into a vampire too, so that they could be together ever after.

How often do you find yourself falling in love with the wrong person? And how frequent do you try to make adjustment, giving up all you have, just to be with him/her?

Often enough?

Now take a look at Edward. Just because he can't read Bella's mind he has this curiosity and sudden urge to be around her and protect her, which later he defines as "love" (I know, yikes right?)

How often do you find yourself falling for someone for a wrong reason? And how easy do you fait accompli yourself by defining some awkward feeling as love

Often enough? Well at least you're not alone :)

And let's have a quick look at Jacob. People say he went through a lot of changes but for me not really.

When he was skinny he liked Bella. After he turned all well-built he still likes Bella. He keeps trying to convince Bella that spending the rest of her life with a half-time wolf is better than a full-time vampire.

Do you still remember the last time you were being a supporting actor/actress and hoped that soon you'd become the protagonist in your own "movie"? Or perhaps you still remember how hard you tried and convinced someone that you were better than the one he/she was seeing?

I enjoy watching each and every stupidity the Twilight saga are showing (things got more fun and complicated in the second and third movie).

Personally, I don't have the knowledge on what to do or say when I'm in love.

But watching the Twilight saga at least gives me the knowledge on what NOT to do or say when in love :)

PS. If you still wanna sue me, make sure you're not in love or else I'll win easily.

Catatan dari masa lalu

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Manusia tidak dapat menemukan kebahagiaan kecuali dalam kata-kata dan keluh-kesah.

Sahabatku, kesedihan hanya dapat disembuhkan dengan berkeluh-kesah.

Sang kekasih menemukan pelipur lara dalam untaian kata-kata.

-Seorang teman, September 2001

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