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If You See Something Suspect

Monday, March 12, 2007

No, sir! I didn't see something suspicious. Nor did I see something that can disturb aviation safety.

The only disturbing thing I found is the announcement itself, sir :)

Shame on you.

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Anonymous amellie »
12 March, 2007 18:53  

HAHAHAHA... this is soooo funny!!! I love this!!! :P where did u take this pic?

Blogger ikram »
13 March, 2007 00:03  

Gee, thanks Amalia. In one of the restrooms at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport -- so embarrassing :)

Obviously they don't have anyone whose English is good enough, there.

And in that case, they should've contacted you hahaha.

Anonymous amellie »
13 March, 2007 09:37  

Hahaha. Not me!!! They should contact the teacher donnngg ;)

OR, they might as well imitate this campaign. :D

Anonymous Anonymous »
13 March, 2007 19:34  

wah,kok sama thu

Blogger ikram »
13 March, 2007 19:42  

Anonymous, thanks for the info :)

Anonymous andre »
14 March, 2007 11:47  


Blogger Gombang »
14 March, 2007 18:12  

Coba lihat di sini

Blogger ikram »
15 March, 2007 06:48  

Andre, take a drink ;)
Gombang, thanks for the info.

Blogger agn »
20 March, 2007 03:17  

kram mungkin pemerintah lagi menggalakkan "Indoninglish" kayak "singlish itu loh!"

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