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A stupid kitten

Friday, November 06, 2009

We first heard his mew on Sunday afternoon. My father thought it was coming from our roof, but then I told him I was pretty sure it was actually from the attic just above the bathroom. Nothing we can do about although he was crying continuously. We just hoped the mother would come to his rescue to feed him, or at least make the cry stop.

The next morning when I went to the bathroom, I almost stepped on him. He was there on the floor, still mewing but this time much more weakly. That’s when I noticed that he still wasn’t able to walk, his eyes still closed and his body covered with something sticky. Such a small helpless stupid kitten!

I lifted him and put him in a box. I gave him some water (and milk later) and he fell asleep not long after.

And that’s how we officially had a new member in the family.

He spent most of his time sleeping in the box. Other than that, he was talking to us in the only language he knew, that is mewing. Of course we totally understood what he said: “I want milk NOW.”

So I would lift him from the box and tried to provide what the little guy wanted. But since we didn’t have any straw or pipette around, he had to drink from spoon.

I gotta tell you it wasn’t easy. I had to first let him suck on my fingers before pushing the spoon quickly — a bit forcing to be exact — into his tiny mouth. I knew it hurt him but I didn’t have a choice. I did that several times until he wasn’t interested in my fingers anymore (either he was full or he realized they weren’t the real thing hehehe).

So basically that’s what I had been doing for the past four days. Responding to a stupid kitten and let him suck on my fingers. I didn’t enjoy it. I hoped he would grow rapidly over a night and be able to eat/drink by himself.

When I came home this evening, I didn’t see the box so I asked my mom about the kitten. She told me she had given it to a girl next door, who happened to have a queen in her house. “The neighbor said the kitten was so cute and she was pretty sure he belonged to her queen,” my mom said.

“I think she will take care of the kitten better than we do.”

Damn. Damn. Damn. I know my mom has a very good point, but somehow I wish I had let the kitten suck on my fingers one last time before he took off.

Not as a sign of goodbye: I just wanted him to remember what the fake thing felt before he finally got the real thing for good heheheh.

PS. We didn’t name the kitten who now only has eight lives (he surely lost one when he fell from the attic).

21 Komentar:

Blogger Nadya Fadila SAIB »
06 November, 2009 12:20  

lucu banget Kraaammm..!!!

*gue jadi pingin melihara kucing dah..=p

Blogger sihirsenja »
06 November, 2009 16:34  

awww.... jadi kehilangan juga lo Kram??

tanteee, kucingnya buat kinoy aja tau gitu.. secara om ikram gag bawa oleh2 kaos titipan emaknya kinoy


Blogger ikram »
06 November, 2009 16:37  

Merasa kehilangan? Neah *menatap ke kejauhan*

Maaf yaa, kemaren sibuk banget di Bangkok, sekalian operasi bentuk pinggul soalnya :)

Blogger sihirsenja »
06 November, 2009 16:38  

hahahaha! gue pikir elo implant dada kram! ama botox alis...

Blogger ikram »
06 November, 2009 16:39  

Untuk dada, harus dimulai dengan treatment dulu, dikasih pil hormon gitu *fasih.

Alis gua udah bagus ah, ekspresif.

Blogger sihirsenja »
06 November, 2009 16:41  

Hoahahahahahaaha....ya udah deh.. Tante nanti liat tarian pinggunya yaa Jeng Ikram.. :P

itung2 test drive gantiin inul abis melahirkan..

Blogger ikram »
06 November, 2009 16:43  

@Nadya: Gih Nad. Repot tau.
@Sihirsenja: Oke-oke :)

Blogger sihirsenja »
06 November, 2009 16:45  

@Nadya: Gih Nad. Repot tau. ==> nerawang, kangen ada yg ngenyot tangannya :P

tau gag,. punya hewan piaraan bikin elo "tanggung jawab"tau kram.. , bikin elo merasa ada yg nungguin waktu elo pulang.. bikin elo bisa mencurahkan kasih sayang..

*eh, gue ngomong ama anak 26 taun ya!*

Blogger ikram »
06 November, 2009 16:47  

Ma'am I don't understand what you're saying at all.

Blogger turabul-aqdam »
06 November, 2009 17:12  

gampang, kram. itu analogi kok. coba aja ganti 'hewan piaraan' (di kalimat Sihir) dengan 'istri'. :D

Blogger ikram »
07 November, 2009 01:00  

Getting more confused lalalalala.

Blogger Sigit »
08 November, 2009 18:33  

kok komennya malah ngebahas Ikram yang operasi ganti kelamin ya...

btw gw jg pernah kedatengan 2 kucing kecil lucu kram... (trus disuruh dibuang ke pasar T_T)

Blogger ikram »
08 November, 2009 22:09  

Ckck. Sungguh T-E-R-L-A-L-U.

Anonymous hyoori »
10 November, 2009 08:29  


meow meow meow meow (ga nahan)

Blogger sherlanova »
15 November, 2009 22:15  

November 15th, 2009, 22.16 p.m.

sari_alessandra: even the blody cold ikram felt like wanting a goodbye from a stupid kitten
ikram_19: no waaay
ikram_19: i didn't want any goodbye
ikram_19: puih
sari_alessandra: whaaaat?
ikram_19: cih
sari_alessandra: what are you trying to say eh?
ikram_19: not as a sign of goodbye, i wrote
sari_alessandra: hahaha!

Blogger sherlanova »
15 November, 2009 22:17  

(ctd) it's conversation via YM, still the same day, same place, sam time:

ikram_19: jangan salah baca, les
sari_alessandra: enggak salah baca
sari_alessandra: interpretasi namanya
sari_alessandra: behind the self denial
sari_alessandra: hahaha!
ikram_19: iddih
ikram_19: konspiratif, konspiratif
ikram_19: :D

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