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Either it's a lie, or a stupidity

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The creators of this Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s advertisement on Facebook must be either lying or stupid for claiming that the big guy has won over voters in Indonesia’s “first democratic elections”.

They must be lying, because it’s not hard to recall that in the year 1955 we had an election. And it was our first. And it was somewhat democratic.

They must be stupid, because the only election SBY won was the one in 2004. And it was our first DIRECT PRESIDENTIAL election. Not our first democratic. Nice try, anyway.

15 Komentar:

Anonymous ika »
28 April, 2009 07:18  

bener-bener deh, polisi tulisan lo kram.

Blogger azhar »
28 April, 2009 08:02  

Begitulah, dem0kratis itu relatif.
Yeah..tim sukses SBY berhasil membuatmu membantu mereka menyebarluaskan facebook SBY.

Anonymous Anonymous »
28 April, 2009 09:22  

hahaha, jadi pengamat facebook sekarang kram.
tidur lo, posting mulu. :P

Blogger ikram »
28 April, 2009 09:32  

I don’t mind spreading the news. They’re trying to lie to my face, eh? Not that easy.

Blogger lilylove »
28 April, 2009 13:33  

Kram, lo ada kegetiran personal nggak sih sama sby? :)

Blogger Floresiana Yasmin Indriasti »
28 April, 2009 17:43  

I believe they just not that smart. And their supervisors were too ignorant to check the materials before it was released.

I don't think they intended to lie.

Anonymous nothing »
28 April, 2009 21:36  

lol, funy

Blogger ikram »
29 April, 2009 12:37  

Political bitterness? :) Nope. I just hate propaganda hehehe.

Yasmin, agreed. Either it's a lie, or a stupidity. Your choice :)

Blogger turabul-aqdam »
29 April, 2009 14:30  

yes sir.. seiman kita; hajar propaganda!!! kirim ke milis dong, biar jadi polemik busuk lagi.. :D

Blogger ikram »
29 April, 2009 14:33  

You're doing fine without me, Arif :P

Blogger Joned »
06 June, 2009 03:01  

lg musim klaim, tar lg musim duren :p

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