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My Early Present 2

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This year's is 256MB RAM card, so that my laptop can speed up a bit. I bought it along with my housemate Achmad Bisri, who also wanted to buy one. But we were in hurry we didn't spend much time to survey. Anyway, with a life-time warranty, I think this MCPRO thing is not bad.

Last year I didn't write down what I gave to myself -- books from Banana Publishing, about literary journalism. They offered a discount. So again, I thought it's not bad. Let's see what next year's present will be.


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Anonymous agus »
13 April, 2007 22:55  

You know what's the meaning of life warranty :D

Hmmm with new ram I think now you can install office 2007 :D

Blogger ikram »
13 April, 2007 23:07  

The meaning of life-time warranty? It's like forever, right?

Anonymous agus »
13 April, 2007 23:27  

When I buy computer peripheral (I'm forget what's that). I ask what's the meaning of life time warranty and the sales said :

"We will change it if broke if we still production it."

Blogger ANDRE »
14 April, 2007 17:11  

kurang 512 MB lagi, kram
buat install vista

Anonymous ikram »
17 April, 2007 00:58  

Vista? I think I'll pass :)

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