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Being A Teacher

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Jauh sekali mengajarnya," he said.

"Iya," I replied.

"Tak pantas mereka bayar 25 ribu. Paling tidak 50 ribu."

"Hah, nggak kemahalan apa?"

That conversation took place in a restaurant across from Borma Kiara Condong. I was with my father, talking about things while enjoying our ikan kerapu bakar. When it came to my side-job (yeah, like I have another job), teaching English privately to SMP and SMA students, Ayah said I was paid too low. I should've been paid higher -- education does need money. And people should know that.

Some of me agree with Ayah. But not for the exact reason. I am a capitalist wage-earner, I will obviously say yes to a raise. More money, more bucks! Hehe. If I was paid higher, my financial calendar would lengthen back to normal. Besides, I have to come far (and spent hours) for each session. All the students I had, they live in Riung Bandung. It's almost 20 kilometres away from my kosan. Time spent for the angkot is much more than for the session. I think raising the pay would be quite tolerable.

But I don't know... Some of me don't.

As you all might see, my sort of job derived from something wrong in schools. We don't get proper time and tools to study English. Learning it requires more than just two hours per week, and of course a skilled teacher. He/she must encourage the students to speak up, not only telling us off to fill in the exercise sheet. I once got frustrated by my teacher who always made us playing the dialogue, taken from LKS. And never I saw her say something in English.

So, as the way out, my mother sent me to ILP Depok. There I started to understand grammar, structure, type of sentences, and so on. I learnt how to speak, joke around, write, and even flirt. I loved all the teachers -- Miss Ika, Irra, Ria, Teguh, and Aryo. They conducted the class in English, so that students get used to speaking in it. No shame. Let mistakes become mistakes, as long as you say it really quickly, people won't tell you're wrong.

And so I knew that studying English only from school was never enough. You have got to spend more money!

Me? I don't teach as well as them. What I do is only helping students who have problems with their test or exercise sheet. I just accompany them giving the right answer -- something their teacher at school don't do. I enjoy doing it, despite the fact that I will enjoy more if the place is not that far. I don't find it really necessary to ask for a raise.

If BSC raises the fee, how much will it cost they who can't afford ILP, to study English?


Ayah put another slice of kerapu into his mouth. So did I. We then slid the talk into his being in Bandung. About PWI. Rosihan Anwar. Things.

Ow, this was just a dinner talk. Nothing really serious :)

LKS: Lembar Kerja Siswa, the exercise sheet.
Borma: Stores, quite big and well-known in Bandung.
ILP: International Language Program, an English Course. The head office is in Pancoran, Jakarta.
BSC: Bandung Study Club, where I got the job from.
PWI: Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia.

17 Komentar:

Blogger gilang desti parahita »
31 May, 2005 13:14  

I did the same job, had the same case. Satisfaction can't be valued with money. Heroically, I say: go on buddy, those children need you!

Anonymous upi »
31 May, 2005 13:19  

kram lucu deh baca post lo. last night I ate timbel ricefor dinner, i go there by angkot, dst.. hahaha.. susah ya nerjemahin istilah2 bhs indonesia ke bhs ing!

Blogger ANDRE »
31 May, 2005 13:20  

Your post...
It's just simply GREAT!!!

For someone like you who always encounter problems for financial calendar, it's really kind hearted to put aside that salary thing.

As for me, though i can simply ask my parents for some ackers which sometimes i don't really need, i would still ask for a raise.

oh btw, i'm proud of you...

Blogger ANDRE »
31 May, 2005 16:32  

you ate kerapu???

Yuck, i hate fish!!!

i hate anything comes out from the sea!!!


Blogger ikram »
31 May, 2005 22:33  

Gil: Yeah, they need me. But I need them more. Hehe. I told you, I am capitalist wage-earner.

Upi: Iya susah. Daripada pusing- pusing mendingan tulis apa adanya aja. Emang gak ada padanannya, mau bilang apa?

Andre: Hey, you stole her words!

Blogger ikram »
01 June, 2005 19:06  

...For someone like you who always encounter problems for financial calendar, it's really kind hearted to put aside that salary thing...

Ada temen gua yang lebih kaya, dia malah nggak dibayar sama sekali Ndre. Itu baru hebat..

Anonymous Anonymous »
07 June, 2005 00:41  

hey, kram. segitu masih untung. kadang2 gw anter kesana.harusnya lu kasih seperlimanya buat bensin gw.

Blogger Stania »
09 June, 2005 16:12  

ada lagi padanannya.
ikan kerapu bakar=grilled kerapu fish

Blogger ikram »
09 June, 2005 22:06  

ya.. gua kira lo ikhlas anonymous.. masa' udah gaji segitu masih mesti nyetor uang bensin sih :) hehehe.
tripod dapet nggak?

stania: aneh ah grilled kerapu fish. mendingan ikan kerapu bakar aja. lebih khas, gitu.

Blogger andiw! »
09 June, 2005 22:47  

i've the same case with u and gilang, and many man who did it for anykind of reason. i need the money, but pride. i just need the feelin of that job when i've to ngangkot for 22 km to panghegar, for some 30 thz rupiahs...but its nice to remember, nie to have!

Blogger Stania »
10 June, 2005 09:35  

uh.. i didn't use english name for the fish, though.
it should be grilled grouper fish.
guess you find it more peculiar. think that grilled is quite a common word.

Blogger benx »
10 June, 2005 18:15  

yeah.....we (specially me) need more money, more...more......

for that i should be the apprentice

Anonymous upi »
13 June, 2005 10:26  

iya sepertinya pj OHU masih gue kram. kalian jgn kelamaan di jakarta dong! bantu2 buat OHU.. oiya, sekretaris OHU kak samii lho (yg anak KPA itu)

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