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My Early Present

Thursday, April 28, 2005

This is what I gave to myself for a birthday present. I bought it at Bandung Electronic City, along with Irfan who also wanted a something-cool-to-listen-to-music- with. After discovering which one suited us best, we came to this store and had ourself our different new gadget. Mine can store MP3, record voice, as well as being a small mirror. Really useful, don't you think?

Well, not really, for I don't listen to music much. All I wanted was a rationally priced digital voice recorder. And here it is.

For those who wonder why I had given myself an early present ... I guess the answer would be: I wasn't sure I could buy it just in time.

And I was damn right. I'm a poor bankrupt man right now, wishing the transferring day was tomorrow. I wonder why they put 30 days in a month, when my budget only covers for 20?

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Blogger benx »
29 April, 2005 08:19  

And I was damn right. I'm a poor bankrupt man right now, wishing the transferring day was tomorrow. I wonder why they put 30 days in a month, when my budget only covers for 20?

i'm damn sure know how that feeling....i wish i was aladin ;)

Blogger ikram »
29 April, 2005 09:47  

Hahahaha. Glad to have friend here! Should we take a course on financial management or something?

Blogger benx »
29 April, 2005 16:34  

mmm...good idea....but i think "have a rich girlfriend" is ^-^

(c'mon my sweetie...i'm not really mean it, u'r the only one who i think each day, and it's not ur mistake to get born in a rich family.....)


Blogger ANDRE »
29 April, 2005 16:55  

Harganya berapa, kram?
btw, before buying a gadget, do you read a review in a magazine/website about the product?
You should have......

Untung aja ini "cuma" sebuah gadget kecil. Kalo handphone, apalagi TV bisa gawat kalo asal beli merek. "Yang penting murah dan feature-nya banyak". Waduh, itu sih racun banget......

Blogger ikram »
30 April, 2005 22:53  

Beni. Ya udah, kalo gitu selain kita ambil financial management, kita sebaiknya juga ambil "kursus memikat hati gadis anak orang kaya" aja Ben ... Haha.

Andre.Iya sih 'Ndre, gua cuma liat feature sama bentuk doang. Pengennya sih yang classy dikit gitu deh, tapi gpp--asal bisa ngerekam suara cukup jernih.

Blogger sherlanova »
01 May, 2005 09:04  

Hmmmm. A poor bankrupt man, huh?

Well, anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leave ur comment there.

Ales emang mau nulis tentang itu (tentang penanganan sampah yang gak tuntas di kampus kita). Dan kalo dimasukin ke koran PR, kira-kira rektorat bakal ngamuk gak ya?

Huahahaha, i don't give a d***! (Ups, Aleeees...).

Anonymous gil »
01 May, 2005 14:30  

Don't worry, as long as your friends are not trapped in bankcrupcy either, you are 'save'. Don't you know what the apology is if girls realize they spend money over the budget buying stuffs, shopping? They'll say: hmm, at least it (spending) is noticeable! Blouses, skirts,... and gadget.

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