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What's harder than staying awake during a meeting?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I used to find it very hard to stay awake during a meeting.

I don't know what's wrong about it; all I know is just the moment it starts, the sleepiness comes to me and force me to close my eyes … close my eyes …


However, one little incident changed my mind.

It took place in one of the ASEAN-related bodies in Jakarta some time ago. We were at a meeting, and a journalist was trying to raise a question to the speaker.

+ Excuse me, I would like to ask a question.

– Yes please. Where are you from?

+ I come from Viet Nam.

– Oh, are you with THE SAIGON TIME?

+ No. This is my FIRST TIME here in Jakarta.


Yes, my friend. Staying awake during a meeting is very very hard. But trying not to laugh when you hear something funny during one is EVEN HARDER.

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Blogger sherlanova »
08 May, 2010 19:55  



[Thank God, ur back, Ikram, haha!]

Blogger ikram »
08 May, 2010 20:10  

Hehehe. Thanks Ales.

Blogger ikram »
08 May, 2010 20:55  

“We are sinking. We are sinking.”

“What are you sinking about?”

Blogger zia »
09 May, 2010 23:14  

Ikraaaam, long time no see lah yaa..
eh eh.. blog lo lucu2 juga ternyata :)

Blogger ikram »
10 May, 2010 13:58  

“Ternyata”? Emang tadinya lo pikir gimana Zia? :)

Lo kerja dmn sekarang? Jkt/Bdg?

Blogger Lida »
10 May, 2010 16:46  

"Do you like salad?"

"Oh yes, five times a day."

Blogger ikram »
10 May, 2010 16:48  

“Where are you from?”


“Are you here to die??”

“No. I came here yesterday.”

Anonymous hanny - @beradadisini »
21 May, 2010 18:07  

*ngakak sore-sore* :))

Blogger Captain Paradis »
27 May, 2010 16:37  

this one made my day :)

Anonymous Anonymous »
21 June, 2010 15:55  

LOL thats funny...

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