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Students expelled for bullying

Saturday, November 17, 2007

JAKARTA: Five students from SMUN 34 in South Jakarta have been expelled from school for allegedly bullying a younger student.

The head of Jakarta's Middle and Higher Education Agency, Margani M. Mustar, said Wednesday the students were expelled for, "violating school rules".

First year student Muhammad Fadhil Harkaputra Sirath told police on Nov. 8 he had been beaten by senior students who were members of a gang called Gazper.

School representatives said the gang had existed for 11 years and applied "special treatment" to newcomers in an effort to make them join their ranks.

As the beating took place in Depok, the case is being handled by Depok Police, who named the five students as suspects Monday.

"I've instructed police officers to protect the suspects' rights," Sr. Comr. Imam Pramukarno said.

Lawyer for the expelled students Djonggi Simorangkir said their dismissal was unfair.

"How about the principle of presumption of innocence? No one is guilty until the court says so," he said. – JP

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Blogger chartotherescue »
05 January, 2008 22:15  

huhuhu,kekerasan rumah tangga kok nggak cukup satu, malah merambah ke anak2 remaja... untung skrg gw dah kuliah, hehehe

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